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Through research it is believed  that the Bauer-Windhausen families origins are from Reil, a village outside Wittlich, located in the Mosel Valley in the holiday region Mittelmosel-Kondelwand.  It belongs to the rural municipality Krov-Bausendorf in the district BernKastel-Wittlich. The Bauers lived here for generations as far back as the mid-17th Century. The Windhausens were newcomers to this region, arriving in the early 19th Century. They originated in Waldniel, a small town in the northern Rhineland, half way between Aachen and Dusseldorf. The Windhausens were there at least as early as the mid-17th Century and most of them remained there, some even today.

We all have important values and ideas, things we care about and want to share. Sometimes we feel our ideas can even change the world, and we want to let other people know how they can join in and make all our lives better.

This site will present our family's history to the world. As communicating isn't always easy, we'll try to include photos and images that convey our message (remember, a well-chosen picture is a great way to get a point across). We'll also include specific information about our family and its members, so no one forgets the people behind the pictures.

On this home page, we'll introduce our family as accurately as possible.
Children of Peter (1836 - 1899) & Catherine ( c 1834- 1902)
  • Margaretha Windhausen - 1871 - 1931
  • Kunigunda Windhausen 1860 - 1952
  • Jacob G. Windhausen 1863 - 1942
  • Matthew J. Windhausen 1866 - 1933
  • Michael Windhausen 1868 - 1935
  • Sophia Catherine Windhausen 1874 - 1944
  • Nicholas Windhausen 1869 - 1928
  • Peter Windhausen c 1876 - 1884


This webpage is for the purpose of locating the descendants of Peter and Katherina Windhausen who immigrated from Germany.

Peter and Katherina and their children arrived in New York on 18 January 1883. The ship's name was the S.S. DeRuyter that sailed from Antwerp, Belgium.  Two other children, Jakob and Kunigunda arrived six months earlier. 

ss DeRuyter

The ss DeRuyter is the ship that carried Peter and Katherina and five of the children to America.  This is an artists rendition of the ship.


This ship brought the two oldest children, Kunigunda and Jakob to America in 1882.

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