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I became interested in finding out more about my family in about 1995.  I knew very little at that time.  I didn't even know the name Windhausen yet.   I will get back to that later.  I posted messages on several genealogy sites and wrote lots of letters.  Then Paul Windhausen III found one of my posts and contacted me.  The two of us became close friends and worked at finding more family information.  Along came John Daniel Windhausen and more information emerged.  A phone conversation with one of our cousins who is a priest in Syracuse revealed more information.    Our grandmothers were sisters.  Shortly after, Katie Werbeck came into my life.  She was ready to find out all she could to help the cause.  I went from thinking that I didn't have any family to this wonderful group of people whom I now have as family.  I am very blessed, indeed.

Some of the first group that got involved.

A Toast at Jamesville Beach
Paul Windhausen III and Mary Walton at the 1st Reunion

Lunch Time
John "Dan" Windhausen and Dorothy Klein

Johnny Kastler

John D. Windhausen and Rosemary Fushey

Cousins had Dinner at Outback Steak House
Paul Windhausen III, Herb Walton, John Windhausen, John and Dorothy Klein

Katie Webeck, Mary Lou Navin and Peg Strick

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 M. Walton , updated July 09, 2009